Design Process

The design process plays an integral role in determining the outcome of your project and ensures your goals are clearly and professionally communicated.

Site Analysis and Survey

The design process starts with an onsite consultation. We listen to and explore your needs, preferences, objectives, lifestyle factors, limitations and even dreams. We also evaluate a number of environmental factors including the site topography; conditions such as soil, microclimates, wind and light; and community and architectural cues that influence the project.

Conceptual Plan

The next step is to develop design concepts. We apply our experience and creativity to create initial ideas and proposals which we present to you. Key elements of the project are carefully considered, and you provide us with important feedback that we use to tune the concept drawings into detailed finished scale drawings. We discuss hardscape materials, plant types and landscaping features that will meet your design objectives.

Master Plan

Based on our discussions and review of the concept drawings final decisions are translated into detailed scale plans and drawings. Three dimensional drawings can sometimes be used at this point to clearly visualize the finished project. Once the design is approved and signed off, we source the appropriate contractors and suppliers.

On-Site Implementation & Project Management

Once a landscape contractor has been appointed, the building process for your project can start. We manage the process entirely on your behalf. We direct the work of the contractors and suppliers to ensure the efficiency and timeliness of their work, from the selection of plant and hardscape material, to the coordination of irrigation and lighting.


Maintenance services are an important component in preserving the integrity of the design. We provide you with resources for ongoing care to preserve your investment.