About Us—Bio

“Nature can bring you to stillness. That is its gift to you.”

—Excerpted from Stillness Speaks by Eckhart Tolle

Sharon Fleming
The power of landscape design runs far deeper than aesthetics. It connects what exists with what is possible and can transform a mere seed of an idea into a beautiful new reality.
— Sharon Fleming, Landscape Designer

I’m passionate about creating beautiful outdoor spaces that enable people to reconnect with nature. The history of creating gardens extends back to ancient civilizations. Gardens have always been a refuge from urban life, providing a place to nurture our senses and gather to celebrate family and friends. An avid gardener all my life, I have been inspired by my travels throughout Europe and in particular Italy, where I had the pleasure of visiting some of the world’s most spectacular gardens. I studied landscape design at Ryerson University, a valuable education that taught me how to combine the principles of design with my love of plants.

At Sharon Fleming Design Group we view each garden as being unique and important, no matter the size or the complexity. Our work reflects a range of projects; from natural stonework to patios; water features to woodworking; from extensive back yard renovations to smaller sophisticated urban gardens. Please visit our portfolio to view a selection of outdoor spaces throughout Toronto that we have transformed for our clients over the years.

Our mission as a landscape design company…

…is to create a nurturing and beautiful outdoor space that reflects you, your home and your unique vision.

We help you to bring your landscape vision to life.